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I threw out my back yesterday, I didn’t get much done so this post isn’t about the photos of my latest cards or projects, it’s a musing about where I am today in a personal way.

It’s a sunny Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in a Peet’s Coffee Shop in Northern California. I managed to be ready for my hair appointment at 9am but in my defense, I was mixed up yesterday and thought my appointment was for 9am but it’s actually for 10:30am so here I sit. I’m watching the Mom’s with strollers and Grannies with their Grand babies coming in for coffee and contemplate how much my life has changed. I see the elderly man reading a book, a few others chatting with friends and then some of us are sitting on our computers. The different stages of life and I’m happy to be alive.

I was once one of those Mom’s with the strollers meeting my mother’s group for coffee to discuss what we were up to with our little ones. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in those running shoes, wondering how I would survive motherhood. I did survive. I was blessed to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom with my kids…now 16 and 14. I followed them everywhere, volunteered my heart out at school, worked auctions, worked in classrooms, taught art, and made quilts plus so much more. I was “that” Mom and was proud to be there. Many years later, I am sitting here with my computer while my teens sleep away their spring break morning. It’s ok and they deserve to rest. Life has changed. My hubby is busy with work and he’s a great and involved Dad to our kids. My family is needing me less, for different reasons and I have more time on my hands. Mind you, when I’m needed, I am really needed–last auction project at school, room Mom duties, volleyball games and trips, rugby games, soccer games…it’s just different. My daughter had a question on her High School entrance essay: “what will you bring to Carondelet” and she said she thought of answering “my Mom”. I was flattered but it’s not really true. My daughter is amazing, she brings herself to her new school and I am so proud. My son is excelling in High School and is headed in the right direction. I’m proud of both of my children, we did a great job thus far…made a few mistakes along the way but the kids are thriving. Knock on wood. Soon my son will be driving! Changes, changes, changes.

Just one year ago I decided to take a risk and join Stampin’ UP! I thought I’d take my passions to a new level. I always wanted to teach and crafting is my passion so deciding to combine the two seemed quite logical. I have a beautiful studio in my home, lots of bright light and it’s big enough to house eight students at a time. I love it! I love being with creative women, sharing conversation and making beautiful projects.

For me, it has been a slow climb in the Stampin’ UP! world. I am following BLOGs, participating in SWAPs, card challenges, going to conventions, hanging with other demonstrators and I truly am enjoying it all. I love having classes and using my imagination to create.  Creating fills my soul and keeps me sane. I remember a book in college, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Is this the right path? I don’t know for sure but I am on it and not stepping off.

I hope that you are enjoying your morning. Please think about signing up for a class and I will customize for your interests. Think about hosting a workshop at your home or mine. I’m flexible.

Enjoy your wonderful Tuesday morning…breathe and be grateful. When we are grateful, there is no anger, no doubt, just gratitude.

xo Carole Anne