It’s fixed!! I haven’t perfected the staining but it’s so much better than the Gnawed and missing pieces.


Our household has two cute Havanese pups named Hazel and Gunny—non shedding and small. Hazel, the smallest rules the house. So back last summer my son was away an equestrian show with his girlfriend in Oklahoma and we get a face time call with this BIG puppy in the picture that he “loves”, his girlfriend loves, his girlfriends Mama loves, he’s adopted him and can he bring him home. Guess what? We didn’t say no!! Suckers for a pretty face. 

A few days later my hubby (who flew up to drive home with our son), our son and Duke “the rescue from Oklahoma”  arrive home in California. Oh, I forgot to mention that my son was headed to college in two weeks so now Duke will be ours. Turned out our daughter now has taken over and Duke is hers. I’m a stay-at-home Mom so Dukes daily world is with me. He’s a sweet dog BUT he sheds, gnawed into my expensive custom Ethan Allen chairs and I fell in love with him anyway. When he gnawed my chairs, I cussed, cried, covered them up so I wouldn’t see them. I even emailed photos to Ethan Allen…nothing they could do. I eventually just let them just be chairs in my living room.

Now I’m taking control and trying to repair these on my own. There’s a video on YouTube by Bruce Lach titled “how to repair dog bites in furniture”. Perfect. It’s his business—guess I’m not the only one with this problem!!! Unfortunately, he’s nowhere near me but I feel hopeful that I can do this or at least they’ll be improved. I purchase Sculpwood Putty and got mstarted. I’ll post more photos when it’s dry and more as I try to match the stain. It’s a work in progress.


Hazel & Gunny


Putty in place

Putty in Place