I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is a newsy post as I haven’t managed to get everything done as the last week has been hectic. Thanksgiving was different, my daughter was sick and missed school, hubby caught the same thing and was sick on Thursday so no turkey in our house. My son and I had our flu shots and stayed well through it all. The kids and I went to a friends house for Thanksgiving and we left hubby on the sofa with blankets and a tv remote.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner and brought left overs for hubby and puppy. Sunday, we finally had our Thanksgiving Dinner…even our teens stayed at the table for a nice chat. Hubby cooks and my thing is the gravy. Yummy!

Finished the last Advent Tree class on Saturday, delivered an order today (well, hubby did for me) but I found a stash of boxes so I may do a few more. Just can’t get enough of those trees!

Awesome Advent Trees!

Awesome Advent Trees!

Had a few To You & Yours Shaker Card classes but Saturday we did a Mother/Daughters with a dear friend and it was so much fun. If you didn’t get the kit, order one right now because it’s a great project, 16 cards and envelopes, so much fun and great to do together or just by yourself. #139647

Lovin’ the Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit, 30 tags and I added 10 more. Promise to post pictures of the extra tags tomorrow.

The Christmas Tree’s a waiting but I promise to post pics of projects tomorrow so please come on back!

One huge live tree...last year's. Hubby and kids were in love.

One huge live tree…last year’s. Hubby and kids were in love.


The Living room artificial tree…still looks lovely.


The mantle…I weaved that fun ribbon and look at my fun quilt with the crazy reindeer.

Hazel...the Havanese. She is this year's obstacle for all things Christmas.

Hazel…the Havanese. She is this year’s obstacle for all things Christmas.

So we’ll see what Hazel will do with so many Christmas decorations that are meant to be at her level. She is like a cat, jumps way too high and we’re not sure how we’re going to manage the decorations. She is cute, even if she prefers to potty indoors.