On Tuesday,  I’ll be leaving my hubby, kids and puppies to head to Salt Lake City for the Convention…I am a wee bit excited!!! I’ll try to post a bit from there to hold everyone over until I get back next week. Classes are up under EVENTS and there’ll be tons of classes in May but I haven’t managed to get them on yet but there’s April to keep you going.

Busy busy here and I finished the Project Life Book with my daughter’s 8th Grade Class. They did pretty much all of the work as their Auction Project and completed 94 pages.  I had a few Mom helpers but it was just leading them along, they did all journaling and placing of photos. It was great to watch them chat and look at photos. Most of these kiddos have been together since kindergarten, that’s nine years! I added a few current and kindergarten photos to the front plus a great page with ALL of their signatures. It sold for $1400 for the original plus extra $$$ will be made on the digital download. Couldn’t have the other 37 families in the classroom not having a few photos their kiddies through the years, so I had it digitized by a great local company. Any parent or grandparent who wants the rights to the digitized version can purchase one through the school. They’ll receive a password to a secret place in the clouds where the copy will be hiding.  So far we’re over $1000 on that version.  WOW!!! The original is amazing but the digitized version will keep the rest of us happy.

SWAPS…I am up to my ears in swaps and I’m going to share a few snips to interest you until I get details up on the BLOG. Cards, tags, treat holders and a few surprises not up yet. Such fun but so much work! If you don’t know what a SWAP is, well there are organized ones and just swapping wherever you are standing or walking. Yep, they are everywhere! I’m in a few organized SWAPS plus I have  many to share with other Demonstrators. I’ll come home with so many ideas to share that our heads will be popping!



Thanks for dropping in for a read this week. If you need to place an order, just click here and you’ll get to the shopping place…my favorite! Have a great week and chat soon.

Carole Anne